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1.      Personnel Information:

Name: Mahnaz                                               

Family Name: Azarnia

Marital Status: Married

Date of birth: 1335                            

Place of birth: Ardebil

2.      Educational background:



University of Teacher Training (Tehran, Iran)


University of Teacher Training (Tehran, Iran)
 From 20
University of Teacher Training (Tehran, Iran)
17.5 From 20

- Employment history and responsibilities:

- From 1391- to present: Full-time Professor, Department of Biology, kharazmi University

- From 1384- to 1391: Full-time Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Tarbiat  moalem University.
- From 1373 to 1384: full time Assistant professor, Department of Biology, Tarbiat moalem University
- From 1387 to present member of: Community Council of Biology Department of tarbiat moalem   University.

- From 1382 to 1386: Assistant Tarbiat moalemUniversity, Faculty of Science.
- From 1381-present: Member of Special Committee of faculty of Science tarbiat  moalem.
- From 1381 to 1383: Member of Complementary studies Council, Faculty of Science tarbiat  moalem University.

- From year 1378- to the present: Member of Scientific Committee of Biology Olympiad, launching the country's first Olympiad of Biology, Tissue and Embryology lecturer of classes of courses of Special Theory of Biology Olympiad,  accompanying  Biology Olympiad team of the country under As a scientific observer at :

Eleventh Biology Olympiad (2000, Turkey), Twelfth Biology Olympiad (2002, Belgium), fourteenth Biology Olympiad (2004, Australia), Eighteenth Biology Olympiad (2008, Canada), and the nineteenth Biology Olympiad (2009, Japan).

- From 1378 to 1385: Member of Council, Tarbiat moalem University.
- From 1378 to 1385: Tarbiat  moalem University Library Council.
- Since the year 1369: academic adviser of shahed and Isargaran children Tarbiat moalem University.
- From 1369 to 1380: Head of biology department of Esargaran in science ministry.

- From 1373 to 1378: Director of Biology Tarbiat moalem University.
- From 1380-present: Member of Iranian biologists institute and board member in that institute.
- From 1380 to 1384: Member of the board of the Ministry of Health.

- From 1377 to 1380: Member of Scientific Committee of doctoral programs (developmental) Cultural Revolution Committee.
- From 1376 to 1379: Cultural Consultant (female) head of Allameh Tabatabai University.
- From 1367 to 1373: Faculty Member (Instructor), Department of Biology, Tarbiat moalem University.
- From 1365 to 1367: BS Biology, Tarbiat moalemUniversity.
- The years 1360 to 1362: Director of Education secondary schools.

- Other activities: Member of Executive Committee of Iran zoology Congress (1376), cooperation in the establishment of Tarbiat Modarres University (1372), Member Society of Iran Quality, eighteenth year book ministry of Ershad referee., pursuing and work towards membership Tarbiat moalem university labs (including Histological cell research laboratories - developmental, and biochemical research) in the national network of country's biotech. Laboratories.

- Educational activities:

During the past 25 years, teaching for undergraduate students, master's and PhD have been one of my main scientific activities. Courses taught in the various centers can be summarized as follows:

- ever since 1365: Embryology of human subjects, tissues, reproduction and sex determination, histochemistry and ultrastructure of tissue, for undergraduate students, master's and specialist PhD in Biology group at Tarbiat moalem University.

- Ever since 1369: Tissue lessons, human Embryology, comparative Embryology, and tissue for undergraduate Master students in Biology, Islamic Azad University.
- Academic year 1375 - 1374: Histological study for undergraduate students in the Department of Biology University of Zahra.

- Academic year 1373 - 1372: Histological study subjects for doctoral students at the Medical University of - Fatymh. Qom
- academic year 1372 - 1371: Histological study subject for master degree students at Tarbiat Modarres University ,Medical Group.

- Research activities - Research and academic adviser for MS and PhD students:

Academic Supervisor of more than 40 students in master's and PhD levels. The students successfully completed their thesis and the research results mentioned above (Article 100) have been presented and printed in prestigious domestic and international journals or national and international conferences.

Also complied five books (three books as the first author and two books as a colleague) have been the research activities results of this period. On the other hand the result of research and education activities led to choose me as the distinguished Professor in 1387.

- Research (Book):

Noor mogehi,, Mohammad Hossein. ,a Zarnya, Mahnaz. , minaee zangi, Baqer. , 2001. Histological comparison organs (organology). ahd Publications. 250 pages.,                                                                          Noor mogehi, Mohammad Hossein. , aZarnya, Mahnaz. , minaee zangi, Baqer. , 2001.   Cell and tissue Comparitive Histology (original tissue). ahd Publications. Page 214.

Azarnya, Mahnaz., Mir Abvlqasmy, Qdyrh. , 2003. Color Atlas of general Histology       . Radbano Publications. Page 99.
Azarnya, Mahnaz. , Mir Abvlqasmy, Qdyrh. , 2007. special Color Atlas of Histology. Tarbiat moalem University Press. Page 184.

Azarnya, Mahnaz. , tahamtani, Yasser. , Rajabi, majid.. , 2008. Introduction to Animal Reproduction. Jihad University Press Tarbiat moalem Unit. Page 531.


Azarnya, Mahnaz., danesh pajo, Hamid., Dehghani, Naimeh. 2009. Review of the Effects of oxymetazoline Mtvlvn doping drugs in doses   much higher than the physiological limit on Avvzhnz of female rats. NMRI Qom University of Medical Sciences Journal. No. 1: 45-37

Azarnya, Mahnaz., Rostami, Parvin., Shakur, A.., farhang, Prydkht. 1382. Review of Turin protective role against the effects of cadmium chloride on the creation of abnormalities in Asprmatvzh NMRI adult male rats, and immature. Science magazine. 1 and 2: 147-137

Azarnya, Mahnaz., Khalili, Mohammad Ali., Rostami, Parvin., Khadem Al-Husseini, Mohammad Reza. 2005. The effect of MS disease on spermatogenesis and sex hormones of male Wistar rats race. Science Journal of Tarbiat moalem University. Volume 5, Number 1, 2: 496-487

AZarnya, Mahnaz., Sharifi, Shabnam., Sadoughi, mehrangeez, 2009. Review of  Morphological characteristics and structures of all babies of pregnant mice treated with color NIH Mvv oxidants in the third week of pregnancy. Journal of Environmental Biology. No. 2

Azarnya, Mahnaz., Shakur, Abas.., Rostami, Parvin., Sanai, Abdullah. 1381. Tstyyn protective role against ovarian follicle energy induced in mice caused by led acetate. Science Journal, No. 1:

AZarnya, Mahnaz., Ghasemian, Fatima., Bahadori, Mohammad Hadi. 2009. Effect of fibroblast growth factor on the resumption of meiosis, in vitro maturation and development of embroys derived from immature mouse eggs. Iranian Journal of Anatomy.

Azarnya, Mahnaz., Kazemi, Masumeh., sahraee, hedayat 2009. Effect of oral morphine on placental development in Wistar race rats. Journal of Developmental Biology. No. 2:

Azarnya, Mahnaz., Kazemi, Masumeh. sahraee, hedayat, baharan, Hussein., Saeed Abadi,saghar. 2009. Effect of oral morphine on ventricle development and choroidal network development in fetal rat. Kosar Medical Journal.

Azarnya, Mahnaz., Moore gahi, Sayyed Mohammad Hussein., minaee, Baqer., Mehran Nia, Tuobi., Qaderi, Adel., Shirazi, Reza. Effects of nitric oxide NO)) on the corpus luteum and ovarian follicles of growing gravid rats.

Azarnya, Mahnaz., Mohseni Kvchsfhany, Homa., Rajabi, majid.. 2006. Impact of Andosulfan pesticides on Avozhnz and structure of ovarian of the breed of  Balb / C mice. Journal of Biological Sciences, Azad University of Arak. No. 3: 10-1

Azarnya, Mahnaz., Mohammadian, Babak., Bazyar, Gholamreza. 1382. Effects of lead on the structure of one-day neonatal pancreatic tissue of laboratory rats, Vystaz race. Science Journal, No. 1:

Azarnya, Mahnaz, Mir Abvlqasmy, Ghdyrh. 2006. Assessment of the effects of Nitroforans on Reproductive System in Adult Male Rats. Iranian Journal of Biology. No. 4: 492-485

Azarnya, Mahnaz., minaee, Baqer., Mozaffari,ziba., tahamtani, Yasser. 2008. Histo pathologic effects of the extract of the leaf of fenugreek  Trigonella foeman-graecam)) on long bone development in fetal rat. Journal of Developmental Biology. No. 1: 58-49

Azarnya, Mahnaz., minaee zangee ,Baqer., Hosseini, Mojgan.. 1380. Sironofozatoeen effect on fetal rat testis development. Science Journal, No. 1:

Azarnya, Mahnaz., Nebeyuny, Mohammad., Rajabi, Sare. 2009. Effect of bee venom on Wistar rats being demineralization with Ethidium Bromide. Iranian Journal of Biology. No. 4: 573-566

Azarnya, Mahnaz, nori moogohi, Mohammad Hossein. , Adel Ghaderi, and???. 1384. Effect of nitric oxide NO)) in terms of  changes in ovarian Histomorphometrical in lab. withe rats. (ha +) Ardabil magazine secondary education groups.

Azarnya, Mahnaz., noor Sadeghi, elham, Ghasemi Asghar., Hedayati, Mehdi., Zahedi Asl, Saleh. 2008. Effect of oral magnesium on the contraction capability of isolated aorta of diabetics mice with Astrptozomosyn. Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism of. No. 3: 307-299

Azarnya, Mahnaz., noor Sadeghi.elham, Ghasemi Asghar., Hedayati, Mehdi., Faraji, Farzaneh.., Zahedi Asl, Saleh. 2007. Effect of oral magnesium on contractile responses of isolated aorta without endothelium in normal rats and diabetics.. Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism of. No. 4: 423-415

Baharvand, Hussein., azarnya, Mahnaz., Parivar, Kazem., Kazemi Ashtiani, Saeed. 1383. Effect of outer cellular background material on the choronotrophy characteristics (anti tune) of cardiomyocytes derived from embryonic stem cells. Yayth medical journal. 23: 159-152

Baharvand, Hussein., Zrnya, Mahnaz., Parivar, Kazem., Kazemi Ashtiani, Saeed. 1383. Anti tune properties (Moronotrophy) muscle cells derived from embryonic cells Bonn. Kosar Medical Journal. No. 9:

Baharvand, Hussein., Zrnya, Mahnaz., Parivar, Kazem., Kazemi Ashtiani, Saeed. 1383. cardiogel and Matrigel impact on the ultrastructure of cardiomyocytes derived from mouse stem sex cells Iranian Journal of Anatomy, No. 2:

Parivar, Kazem., Azarnya, Mahnaz., Miraboalqasmy, sepideh Ghdyrh. 1379. Effect of alternating electromagnetic field with very low frequency on growth and development in vezofyla Mlanvgastv (fruit fly). Science Journal, No. 1:

Hassanzadeh, Gholamreza., Azarnya, Mahnaz., ebrahimi, Yzdanali. 1382. Teratogenic hypothermia effect on rat embryonic development. Journal article.

Mashhadi, Masood., boojar, Akbar., Azarnya, Mahnaz., Shakoori, Abbas., danesh pajoh, Hamed. 2009. Effects of micro cyclic de amid benzo sulfoxide on the anti oxidative enzymes,  biomarkers of damage caused by oxygen radicals and histological properties of rat liver and testes race. Balb / C Training University of Science magazine. No. 1: 57-

Minaee zangi, Baqer., Mr. Zadeh, Sara., Azarnya, Mahnaz. 2009. Protective role of melatonin on spinal cord tissue lesions after gamma irradiation. Journal of Developmental Biology. No. 3: 45-39

Nori moor gohi, Seyed Mohammad Hossein., enamel, Baqer., Mehran Nia, Tuba., Drnya, Mahnaz., Shirazi, Reza. 2009. Quantitative and qualitative effects of L-Arginine and L-Name on the corpus luteum and developing ovarian follicles of pregnant rats. Ilam University of Medical Sciences Journal. No. 4: 9-1

Aghazadeh, S., Azarnia, M., Shirazi, A. 2007. Protective effect of melatonin on spinal cord damage after gamma irradiation. Congress on Alternative &Animales  use  in the  life sciences. August 2007.

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Azarnia, M., Minaee, B., Hosseini, M. 2000. The effects of ?????-induced on development of ?????? changes in testicles. ???? Journal of ??? ???. 

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Mirabolghasemi, G. and Azarnia, M. 2002. Developmental changes in drosophila melanogaster following exposure to alternating electromagnetic fields. Bioelectromagnetics Journal. 23:416-420.

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Azarnya, Mahnaz., ejtemaee Mehr, Shahram., Shakur, A.., Sheikh Ansari, Amin.  Effects of herb Vitex Agnus Castus (Chaste berry tree) on embryo development in sori mice. Thirteenth National Conference and the First International Conference on Biology of. 2005

Azarnya, Mahnaz., Rabie, Mohamed., Fysy, Mehrdad.. Oxytocin Metolon drug effects at doses much higher level of physiologic of genital mice breed. NMRI Persian date Ordibehesht 1385. (2006)

Azarnya, Mahnaz., Rostam Khani Sadoughi, sahraee. Review of the effects of non-controlled chronic immobility stress on the development of rat cerebral cortex in Wistar breed big lab. Rat.. Iranian Congress of Physiology and pharmacology, Shahrivar 1386.

Azarnya, Mahnaz., Hassanzadeh, Gholamreza., Hmdalh Zadeh, Hamid., Javadi, Maryam., Bagheri, Rustam.   Determination of low-protein diet on the number and volume of cerebellar Porkoz cells. Seminar of Iran anatomy symptoms , Ordibehesht- 1385.

Azarnya, Mahnaz., Sanai Mehr, Abdullah. Testeyn protective role against ovarian follicle energy of mice caused by Elta Astaq lead. Iranian Congress of Physiology and Pharmacology sixteenth. Tarbiat Modarres University. Persian date Ordibehesht 1382.

Azarnya, Mahnaz., Shakur, A.., Mousavi, Seyed Ali Akbar. Derivative of vitamin E in preventing the  Mankozob toxin effects on the testes mice Balb / c adult. Seventeenth Congress of Iranian Physiology and Pharmacology. 12-9 mehr 1384.

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Azarnya, Mahnaz., Kochesfahany, Homa., Shokravi, Abbas., Hosseini, Zohreh  ..The review of the effect of a new type of Hetromakrosikik  derived from the Di sulfoxid from Tommy Ethers branches shape on orner Balb / c mice mature and immature. Seventeenth Congress of Iranian Physiology and Pharmacology. 12-9 mehr 1384.

Azarnya, Mahnaz., Mohseni Nodehi,sahar, minaee zangeneh, Baqer., sahraee, hedayat.  Review of the effect of oral morphine on growth and development of embryos in big drug adicted lab mice. Th Iranian Biology Conference.  Shahrivar. Shiraz University. 1380.

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Azarnia, M., Nabiuini, M., Kuchesfehani, M.H., Toosi, A. 2008. Developmental effects of metformin on the isolated ovarian preantral follicles in Mice.  15th National & Third InternationalConference of biology. 19-21 Aug 2008. University of Tehran.

Azarnia, M., Nabiuini,  M., Rajabi, S. 2008. Effect of honey bee venom in multiple sclerosis (MS) induced by ethidium bromide in Rats wistar. 15th National & Third InternationalConference of biology. 19-21 Aug 2008. University of Tehran.

Baharvand H., Azarnia, M., Parivar, K., Kazemi Ashtiani, S. 2004. The effect of extra cellular matrix (Matrigel and cardiogel) on embryonic stem cells-derived cardiomyocytes. 14th congress of Iranian Heart Association in collaboration with British Cardiac Society, Tehran, Iran, 2004.           

Kazemi, Azarnia, Sahraei. 2008. Ovalmorphin consumption inhibits placental development in nine day pregnant wistar rats.15th National & Third InternationalConference of biology 19-21 Aug 2008. University of Tehran.

                Parivar, K., Azarnia, M., Nabiuini,  M., Hoveizie. 2008. Differentiation effect of honey bee venom on pc12 cell line. 15th National & Third InternationalConference of biology 19-21 Aug

Researched  topics :

Effects of mustard gas on the hematopoietic system of chemically  injured in years 65 to 67, using specific staining methods and immunoproxidise in diagnosis of  MFH from other  Soft tissue sarcoma of the body (PHD. thesis).

Effect of nitrofurantoin and 5 of its derivatives on Rat (albino). Research Project in Teacher Training University.

Some topics of student thesis, consulted and adviced by:

Effect of bee venom and Shormyn on laboratory mature follicles moss Antdal  mice. Persian month Azar 87. Supervisor.
Effect of bee venom in MS disease induced by Ethidium Brvmayddr Wistar rats. Persian month Shahrivar 87. Supervisor.

Effect of bee venom and nerve growth factor (NGF) on nerve cell differentiation induced Fenokromalstyvmay. Persian month Shahrivar 87. Supervisor

Survival rate of oocytes after freezing method nitrification and slow freezing. Persian month Tir 87. Supervisor.

Effect of Andosulfan on male aoozh and structure of mature and immature rat ovaries race Balb / C. Persian month Shahrivar 86. Supervisor

Effects of doping drug oxymetholone in high dosages on race Aoozh male mice NMRI. Persian month Bahman 85. Supervisor.
Stem cells. Persian month Aban 85. Supervisor.

MDMA effects on the liver, brain and kidneys. Persian month Shahrivar 85. Supervisor

Effects of Medicinal Plant Five Finger Vitex Agnus Castus (Chaste Berry Tree) on the embryonic development of mice breed Balb / C. Persian month Mehr 84. Supervisor

High use pesticides permethrin effects on spermatogenesis of mice Balb / c and effective fertility research with mice testis. Winter 82. Supervisor.

Isolation of sperm Y, X from the albumin gradient to determine gender release rate obtained from the above free method. Winter 81. Supervisor

Effects of nitric oxide (NO) on the heart and blood vessel formation in mouse embryo Rat. Summer 81. Supervisor.

Teratogenic effects of morphine and histopathology in fetal Wistar rat. Summer 80. Supervisor

Nitrofurantoin effects on fetal liver development Rat. Spring 79. Supervisor

Nitoforantoein effects on fetal rat testis development. Winter 78. Supervisor

Effects of hyperthermia and creating the anomaly on the developmental stages of rat embryos. Winter 78. Supervisor

Investigated histopathological changes resulting from Lyshmanyamazhvrdr mice Balb / c pregnant and its disorders. Winter 77. Supervisor

Effect of cigarette smoke on respiratory tract, bladder, blood in rat tissues. Summer 77. Supervisor.
Effect of lead on fetal pancreatic tissue structures Rat. Supervisor.

Effects of  potassium bromide  on the kidney and the protective role of Glotateion - Vitamin NAPh2-C against potassium bromide injuries. Supervisor.

Effect of licorice extract on Helicobacter-induced inhibition of harassment with Inviro method on gastric mucosa of rabbits. Supervisor.

Effect of licorice extract on stopping of harassment by Helicobacter in inviro method of other body parts of rat .Supervisor.

Effect of lead on renal tissue structure in the one day old rat. Supervisor.

Review of nemoartima growth variation. Supervisor.

Cysteine protective role against lead in ovarian follicle atresia in NMRI mice breed induced by lead acetate induction. Supervisor

Turin protective role against the deleterious effects of cadmium chloride on spermatogenesis in adult and immature NMPI rats Supervisor.

Making mature oocytes in patients with PCOS in vitro and investigate its relationship with patient age and climatic conditions. Supervisor.

Multiple Sclerosis disease affect on sex hormones and spermatogenesis of Wistar rats. Supervisor.

Effects of doping drugs Oxymetholome on days of higher levels of  physiological on spermatogenesis in male mice Balb / c. Supervisor.

Effects of a new type of Hetromacrosicklic from the Benzosulfide branch on spermatogenesis in immature and mature rats Balb / c . race.. Supervisor

Detoxification study the role of vitamin E against Mankvzb effects on testis of adult mice. Supervisor.

Effect of external cellular material  (cardiozhl & Matzhyol) on  capzcardiomiocytes of mouse embryo stem cells. Supervisor.

Changes in ion concentrations of sodium, potassium, and calcium in blood serum and evaluation of blood pressure and heart rate during the normal menstrual cycle. Summer 81. Consultation

Effect of mercury chloride (II) on lipids and lipoproteins of rats blood.. Winter 79. consultancy.

The effect of immobility stress before birth on sexual behavior of female Wistar rats breed.. Counseling, Tarbiat moalem University.
Effects of manganese chloride on the embryogenesis mice Balb / c breed on days 7, 8 and 9 of pregnancy. Consultation

Effect of prenatal stress stiffness on blood parameters in male  60-day old Wistar breed. Consultation

Toxic Effects of intraperitoneal injection (IP) lead acetate on blood parameters and activity of enzymes delta aminolovinic acid dehydranaz  (D-ALA-D) and glucose 6 phosphate and Hydrozhenaz (G6PP) erythrocytes in Adult male and female rat. Consultation

Immobility of prenatal stress on sex hormone levels of Wistar female rats breed. Advice.

Changes of concentration of sodium ions, potassium, calcium, magnesium and blood serum and evaluation of blood pressure, heart rate during the normal menstrual cycle. Consulting.

Effects of aqueous extract of saffron Crocus Sativus L. The embryonic development of mouse Balb / C,breed.

Dervezo Fylamlanvgastr (vinegar fly). Counseling, Tarbiat moalem University

Five arbitration of doctoral dissertation in Tehran University (Department of Anatomy - tissue)



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